Point of Convergence | Davide Lufrano Chaves
Un solo luogo digitale per articoli, eventi e informazioni sparse per il web che parlano di Davide. Chi vuole può inviarci materiale via mail a info@davidelufranochaves.com
Davide Lufrano Chaves
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Point of Convergence

On this page we want to try to collect articles, events, information spread out in the web, so that we can all have a unique digital point of convergence of everything that has been said and done throughout time.

Yes, maybe it will not be easy at all, we are just at the beginning, but we count on the help of the many friends who occasionally can tell us something to see or to know regarding Davide. Those who wish to can send us videos an images writing to info@davidelufranochaves.com .  Grazie.

For the moment a big thank you to Lorenzo Tempestini, Alejandro Toledo, Maurizio Pala, Edina Balczó, Tommaso Rosati, Surianne Dalmedo and Marion Fregeac.

4 aprile 2014 - Un concerto per Davide Lufrano Chaves allo scopo di favorire e promuovere la donazione del midollo osseo...

At the Magic Garden in London, tribute concert to celebrate the life of an unforgettable artist. Magic Tombolinos, De Fuego, Surianne, Renato Pavesi & Walter Cell, Deelee Dube, The Cosmic Sausages, David Gonzalez, DJ Madameski… All the musicians Davide played with during his years in......

16 July 2013 –  For the first time In Italy De Fuego play in Prato in via Magnolfi. The flamenco duo was created in London by two British by adoption: Davide Lufrano (you know him from his articles on Pratosfera “I’m From Prato”) and Edina......