A tribute concert for Davide at the Magic Garden | Davide Lufrano Chaves
Davide Lufrano Chaves was born 4th April 1983 in Prato, Italy and with Latin American Costa Rican origins. In 2005, he ranked 4th in the Italian National Classical Guitar Competition, Daniele Ridolfi and in 2009, gained a masters degree in music with profile in classical guitar at the Conservatorio Puccini of La Spezia under the guidance of maestro Carlo Mascilli Migliorini.
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A tribute concert for Davide at the Magic Garden

At the Magic Garden in London, tribute concert to celebrate the life of an unforgettable artist.

Magic Tombolinos, De Fuego, Surianne, Renato Pavesi & Walter Cell, Deelee Dube, The Cosmic Sausages, David Gonzalez, DJ Madameski

All the musicians Davide played with during his years in London reunited on the same stage to say goodbye to him with music…

The event was also the occasion to sensitize those present to donate to organizations that help research on illnesses such as myeloma. In addition to the £700 collected with the entrance fee there were £303 from spontaneous donations during the night for a total of £1003 given to Myeloma UK.


Foto © Marion Fregeac